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Spring 2011 Anime Season

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The real purpose and true joy of this journal, for me, is going back in time. Is hitting the 2007 in the calendar, reading and thinking "MAN I WAS DUMB, no, wait, I still am lol" And, since I've barely written anything in the last, what, 4 years? it's now kinda boring.

Time to set things right, I guess.

So, the easiest topic: ANIMU (I'm sure something is happening in my life but, meh, boredom. Also, I need more time and some re-reading of things to summarize my TOV playthrough at ekhary 's place, which is filled with way more awesome that I can handle right now)

Anyway: ANIMU, and, whoa, I'm watching a lot of stuff this season! From worst to best, I guess.

Aria: It's crap, watched half an episode 'cos a friend loves it. It's crap, the end.

30-san no Hoken Taiiku & Hen Zemi: both were promises of perversion and soft-hentai-for-TV. 30-san is just plain boring and OH, THE CENSORSHIP. Hen Zemi is just trying to be as perverted and weird as it can without any real fun in it, it's like reading lists of fetishes, it's just... no (also starring Genki-kun, aka Kana Hanazawa, the new, popular seiyuu that I hate). I watched 2 episodes of both and, no, no more.

Sket Dance: Extremely boring for being about a bunch of oddballs solving weekly high-school mysteries or requests. Super boring, watched one episode only.

Sekaichi Hatsukoi: without anything to go by but the summary and 'mmm those faces are kinda familiar' I started watching it only 'cos it's the BL show of the season. Oh surprise, it's from the author of Junjou Romantica! ...which I dislike. ok, ok, the premise looks interesting, I'll keep watching (also, Kita Shuuhei op!) Oh surprise, it's about manga editing (interesting!) and pointless, uninspired and random fanservice!!. Boo. Reading a little, I discovered it's basically more of the same of what Junjou is. Watched 7 episodes and, no, no more for me. I can't even tell the characters apart, they have the same generic square-seme and pointy-uke faces, the same deep-seme and high-uke voices and... Urgh.

Deadman Wonderland: I read the summary of the manga story on the wiki a long time ago, the more I read the less interesting it seemed. The anime is... well, it's violent and bloody but, mostly, it's brutal. It's cruel, unfair and mean, and it's trying SO HARD to get that point across "look at me, I'm a mean, violent anime!!! : D". It feels forced, somehow. It's not bad but it's not very good either, it's mostly fanservice for the fans of violence and general mean-ness. It's packed with action, blood, unfair punishment and little innocent kids suffering for the amusement of others, if that's your thing then, well. I'm also gessing it will be VERY popular later. And it's got the fucking genki voice of the genki girl of the year that played Nessa on last season's Fractale, I frigging hate her now lol.

Hanasau Iroha: At first this one was one of my favorites. A girl with a irresponsible mother is left to live with her strict grandmother and has to work in the family's traditional inn. I like the concept of her getting ahead of trouble and learning the ways of this weird, harsh adult world through hard work and the help and trust of others she has gained the hard but good way. Of course the show decides to focus on the crushes of high-schoolers and hot-spring fanservice from time to time, but it's not a bad show at all. The animation is smooth and bright, quite good (it's prolly the best looking show of the season) and it has the charm of it's setting, but I feel it could be way better, I just can't imagine how lol

Steins;Gate: From a Nitro+ visual novel, of course I'm going to watch it. It starts REALLY REALLY SLOW. Noting of real interest happens for more than one minute in the first, what, 4 episodes? And then it hits it hard with it's time-travel plot. Time travel is always fun, right?! Well um... it is really interesting and leaves you on the edge every week now, but it only has the facts and the mystery 'omg this character is hiding something' going on with it, the characters are kinda bland, the main character is way too over the top and the most interesting one is the fat hacker that makes girls repeat sentences that sound pervy out of context. It's in the not-good-but-not bad bunch too, but way more into the good side now. (also, starring Genki-chan, tu-turu~)

C -Control- Money of the Soul and Possibility: Had the best premise in the summaries before the season started. Is also by the frigging director of The Big O. It turns out, it's good, interesting and has a completely different approach to anything I've ever seen, it does have action sequences in-between thinking about reality and what is everyone worth. And it still manages to be boring and doesn't have an idea of how to leave you on the edge. Possibility, it sure has a lot, but I don't think it's quite using it as much as it could. I love it but I realize it's not that good and all that wasted potential makes me hate it just a little. My friends kindly call it "Economy-desu."

Yondemasu yo Azazel-san!: Funny 15 minutes shorts about a demon-summoning detective and a lot of perverted/disgusting but cute demons. It's deadly fun. Stupid but funny, I admit I enjoy it quite too much XD

Moshidora: Very, very interesting, about a girl trying to use a real-life management book made for companies to make her high-school baseball team win the nationals. This one got delayed because of the earthquake (apparently...) and then aired one episode everyday for a week (or something...) I0m not very sure, but I still have to catch up with it, watched two episodes so far but it's really drawn my attention.

Nichijou: SELAMAT PAGI!! I mean, it's a really random azumanga-wannabe slice of life, now with even more randomness. I honestly love it from time to time (the rest of the time is ye' olde "oh that has happened to me! lol!") It has it's moments of real brilliance and they are worth EVERYTHING. Also, it wants to feel like Shaft, but it's not. Sorry Kyoani, you can't be THAT cool.

Ao no Exorcist: seemed awesome until it turned into EXORCISTS ON HIGH SCHOOL! It's still nice even when it tries so hard to be a shonen. Main chara is your everyday kind-hearted but reckless demon who kills demons. His younger but more mature and smart super hot sibling with not one but THREE moles on his face and glasses saves the whole thing for me. Don't take my word, it's not bad at all and I do enjoy it,even if it's not really my kind of thing. (also, co-starring Genki-chan. NOW YOU SEE WHY I HATE THIS WOMAN?! IT'S EVERYWHEEEEREEEE)

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko: Now on with the REAL Shaft, this is MOE. PERIOD. The main character is an incredibly adorable looking girl who pretends to be an alien an wraps herself in a futon. Did I mention she is pretty?, 'cos, god, she is gorgeous. Main charas are golden and charming, plot is mostly nonexistent but it manages to get along on character development only and 2nd characters are really really annoying. But it doesn't matter, nothing matters, main chara is cuteness incarnate. I enjoy it, it's not my favorite by any means but it's interesting/charming/funny from time to time. And it has the great Shaft touch to it <3

Maria Holic Alive (aka Season 2): Did you watch the first season? Well it's exactly more of the same, meaning I LOVE IT. It lacks what I liked about it the most in the first season: traptastic main chara and evil maid being real mean to each other and everyone else. It needs more meanness, it still has some, but it needs more. Apart from that I love it, it's just as ridiculous and low-budget as always <3 I'm just glad a 2nd one is happening and I pray there will be another batch of that amazing, huge, expensive Mariya figure <3

Tiger & Bunny: It's made by Sunrise, of course I was going to watch it. The main character is a guy in his 40's with a beard and super powers but is clumsy and kinda dumb but so good hearted and HOW COULD I RESIST THIS. Sunrise is hitting it hard with this crazy idea of doing anime for someone other than the japanese (the only other option is, of course, AMERICANS!) Characters have normal american names (most), it has a character of every skin color, they are muscular super heroes and it's full of real life ads. Japanese ones but they still pay the bills. It doesn't sound very good but, then, add some REALLY charming characters, an interesting plot and the amazing setting of a super-hero reality show starring Mr. unpopular&lame. Also he is really really hot, wears a cap and has the strongest vibes with his male, younger, blonde teammate. Dear god this show is such a treat, I love it.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai: aka Ano Hana (damn long name...) is my personal favorite of the season. It's a quiet, soft-colored story about how friends grow apart and it wants to make me cry every week. I can't really say a lot about it apart from WATCH IT, the first episode, and decide if it's for you or not, I'm sure it's the kind of thing most people find really boring, there is nothing but talk-talk , some running, and more talk-talk-talk, but I love it. All the characters are charming and cute, the animation is smooth and nice and the story is touching and something everyone can relate to with a little supernatural spice to it. ALSO, MAIN CHARA IS SO MOE, I HAVE NO WORDS. And I've developed an obsession with white one-piece dresses, thank you very much.

Norageki!: it's actually an OVA released by.. um... Sunrise put some of the money in it? I'm not sure where it came from, but it's a short 25 minute OVA animated in what looks like Miku Miku Dance. Anyway it's AMAZING. Go watch it, NOW. It's really, really good, it surprises you quite many times and has a fantastic if bittersweet ending (and it finishes in this 'what did I just watch?!' line that made me watch it 3 times, just because it's that awesome)AWESOMENESSSS!!!

(I'm sure I'm watching something else but I can't remember it...)

I sense a lack of mecha in my life... time to watch some oldie gundams!
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