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Eden Eternal closed beta begins!

At last the closed beta for I game I had been waiting for opened! I've been wanting to play a MMORGP for a while now, but I hadn't found one that I liked (and that my computer at home liked too, since it's kinda old and the new super HD games don't sit well with it)

But recently I found Eden Eternal. It looks real nice and the closed beta just started today!

The last game I played that I really enjoyed was Dream of Mirror Online (aka DOMO), it has a class system I really like: your character picks up a job, let's say, warrior, and levels up and stuff, like always. However, at any given time you can pay a small fee and change your job to, say, magician. This restarts your level, if you used to be a lvl 20 warrior you are a level 0 magician now, however, if you want to switch back to warrior, you just pay your fee again and everything is just as you left it. It gives you the chance to have every job with a single character instead of creating a thousand different ones to test them out.

However, I had some issues with DOMO, it was full of weird glitches and it had extremely huge maps with lots of empty areas and some monsters scattered here and there. It meant completing a quest took you 20 minutes of walking and 5 of defeating monsters. Boring~

So, now the new Eden Eternal is starting, it apparently features the same job system as DOMO, so I downloaded it and registered and all that stuff. Let's see if this works out, 'cos I'm deadly bad for this games, I usually need to find someone really into it to help me get along the game, but let's see how do I manage on the closed beta.

So far, it runs smoothly (thank you god, no big lag) and the systems seems pretty standard. The only weird thing I've noticed is that you can't click with the mouse if you try right on top of whatever you are trying to select, you have to click on the lower rim of it. It's kinda weird but I could get used to it, no problem. The item pick up system seems a bit wonky too, I wish I could pick them up with the mouse instead of using a key.

I'm saving all the points I get from leveling up right now, I don't want to use them in the wrong way at first, like I always always do XD

It has some awesome things like just pressing "go" on the quest screen and your character walks to the place it needs to be, no more getting lost and walking for hours!!! (I'm master of getting lost, so this is very convenient for me XD) you can even arrange your bag or use your skill points while it walks! also, you can just 'atack target' the your character will keep hitting it without you having to click attack every time you want to land a hit (pretty convenient for playing during the night, I don't have to click a thousand times per second and wake up my mother XD)

Also, since there are a lot of automatic things, everything is marked with a sound, when you arrive to a destination you set or finish a quest. So, no more music for me during playing hours, I really need those sounds.

(Man, I love this 'go' button.)
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