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I'm updating! I'm alive and so is LJ! both are amazing.

So, yeah, my mother went to the US again, she goes almost every time my grandma has to go. Grandma, you are an "american resident" but you live 9 months in Mexico and 3 in the US, clearly, you are NOT a resident there anymore and they are going to take your resident status away if you keep this up, this logic is sound, going two weeks every time your 6 month permit to be away ends doesn't mean you are abiding by the rules.

So, she honestly needs to go but her health is not what it used to be and she can barely walk, so she needs my mom to help her around there, where everyone works full-time or more or studies or is a baby in need of some caring themselves.

This is pure bliss for my mom, she loves the US. And for me, my brother and I become the masters of the house!!!

A.k.a. we turn mom's neatness and elegance paradise into a slightly smelly dumpster full of the sound of "I'll clean it tomorrow, I swear, I'm just so tired today!" with a computer turned on 24/7 without anyone to chew on our ears.

My grandad, who lives in Mexico but not really with us (he lives nearby state and comes once or twice a week and stays here a couple of days) is usually very cheap. I mean it, he takes great care of his money and always laughs when someone tells him stuff like "buy new pants dude" answering "what? I've been using these for years! They will hold together for far longer!!" However, when my mom goes away he's all secretly worried about my brother and me and buys food and house stuff for us.

Yesterday, he proved it again in his tsundere-macho way. When I arrived my brother told me "Grandpa left. And he bought us rations." with a strange little smile.

He got us milk, cereal, dozens of tuna cans, weenies and instant noodles.

Rations indeed.

Damn, he knows us better than I thought. Thanks gramps, I <3 u.
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