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The galaxy itself

in your eyes

31 December 1988
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arence_soul's journal, in english.

I used to write, I used to translate, I still color. Mostly I rant about how much I would like to write something that is not ranting and I write XD like there is no tomorrow.


I even write it on 4chan sometimes and delete it at the last second because, duh, you don't use that on 4chan! I <3 4chan, even if it hates my <3

Also. Touhous. Touhous are my life.

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I translate from english to spanish, you can find my spanish translated and own fanficition in my Spanish LJ Archive
I also write in english English Archive The archive is not always updated, better check my tags
DevArt account, mostly coloring of other's linearts
I've done many english>spanish translations for Clone Manga