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The galaxy itself
in your eyes
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Pay master's debt
Something first, be careful with the formats of every webpage. These are the most common:

AO3 (At archiveofourown.org): There are chapters like usual, but also "series". Some stories are series with lots of individual fanfic entries, and some items of the series have more than one chapter in themselves. I will link the whole series here in that case but just click the "Entire Work" button at the top of the page when you open something to make things simpler.

HS Kinkmeme (at homesmut.livejournal.com): Meme fills are in comments with character limits so they are usually divided into lots of tiny parts. Actual fanction content is usually a reply with a title and a "1/??" number, but without the "Re:" at the beginning. If it has the "re:" it's just a comment, don't worry about those, just click the title of the next numbered part you need.

The rest are either regular lj entries or tumblr posts so I don't think there is a lot to say there.

BEWARE, the "SAFE" tag is only related to sexual themes. Stories with violence, blood, etc may still be called safe. Read the warnings on each fic if you have trouble with some topics.

OK, NOW, FANFIC RECS organized by sort-of importance/awesome and type. Fan-adventure styled works and comics are here too even if they are not fanfiction per-se.

Say goodbye to your free timeCollapse )
10th-Jan-2012 10:10 am - animeanimeanime
Pay master's debt
I REALLY need this lists, apparently >>

or I forget what I'm watching, whtCollapse )
18th-Aug-2011 12:57 pm - Resources
Pay master's debt
Links for various things I use constantly but tend to forget/ only have bookmarked at home and sometimes need at my job or viceversa, mostly for coloring.

Textureeees!!!Collapse )
10th-Aug-2011 10:51 am - Books make me feel smart
Pay master's debt
Reading real books does, at least XD After years of college and tons of college-related readings I completely abandoned novels and replaced them entirely with fanfic print-outs with tiny font size I could read in-between classes; I could just bask in the glory of an easy, fun read after hours of hard theory and scientific research articles.

When I finished college I started reading novels again and discovered how much I missed them. I kinda want to keep a record of what I'm reading, since I have really bad memory for books and I'll need to re-read them later if I want to remember what they were about after a couple of months.

Things I've read so far after collegeCollapse )
6th-Aug-2011 12:44 pm - Rations
Pay master's debt
I'm updating! I'm alive and so is LJ! both are amazing.

In wich my mother leaves for the US againCollapse )
27th-Jun-2011 11:20 am - Alice Madness Returns
Moody Ritsuka
Amazing weekend at ekhary's place <3~ We wateched Megamind ("Yeah, let's watch half of it while we eat!" Sure me, we watched the whole thing and it's lovely <3)

And then we played Alice Madness Returns. More like I played and Ekhary laughed at me, my terrible sense at videogame logic and told me what I had to do when I was stuck XD

asdfsadfñdas AliceCollapse )
21st-Jun-2011 12:34 pm - The Big Music List
Pay master&#39;s debt
A friend of mine gave me an Ipod in my last birthday. For me, it's kinda useless since I use my cellphone to play music. However, it has a memory of 16G, so I've decided to put it to some use. It will be my "omg I just remembered this song and I need to listen to it now" kind of device for home, when the computer is not available.

Now I just need to REMEMBER the music that I want have on me forever. My computer going blank constantly doesn't help, I can only rely in my memory and my friends. I'm so doomed.

Let's see if listing helps.

List of music I simply must haveCollapse )

I will update this constantly as I remember/people remind me of more stuff I want. Also as I download and put everything inside.

Now, the question is, is that too much for 16G? Let's hope it isn't XD
2nd-Jun-2011 10:36 am - Eden Eternal closed beta begins!
At last the closed beta for I game I had been waiting for opened! I've been wanting to play a MMORGP for a while now, but I hadn't found one that I liked (and that my computer at home liked too, since it's kinda old and the new super HD games don't sit well with it)

But recently I found Eden Eternal. It looks real nice and the closed beta just started today!

Eden Eternal closed beta, first impressionsCollapse )
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